Welcome to Allmech

One of the leading boiler manufacturers in South Africa with a wide range of electrical, gas and oil fired boilers with water treatment to suit. The company started in February 1995 and has grown progressively in the boiler and water treatment fields with a strong support system that our customers enjoy.
We have a vast knowledge base amongst our personnel with many years of experience in boiler plant and steam supply of all types, water treatment equipment and chemical programs to suite your needs. This is evident from our customer base which stretches from Namibia across Botswana, Zimbabwe and into Mozambique. We also service customers in Zambia and The Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Boiler division

We manufacture electrode, element, gas fired and oil fired boiler plants to the different codes of design, which is accepted and certified for by both professional engineers and AIA appointed inspectors.

All boilers are assembled and tested in our workshops prior to dispatch. We have 16 electrode steam boiler models and 5 electrode hot water boiler models in our range, operating at 1000kPa. The electrode boilers are able to supply steam from as little as 64kg/hr to the large 4000kg/hr boiler. Higher pressure boilers are also available on request.

We are also able to offer smaller electric element steam boilers ranging from 19kg/hr (12 kw) to 76kg/hr (48 kW). Hot water boilers, together with calorifiers or storage vessels are also offered for customers who require only hot water. Quality and availability of spares and service back the equipment sold by Allmech. Our personnel are always available to assist customers who may encounter problems with other steam plants. Allmech offers an all-round service when buying your boiler plant as we discuss the requirements with the customer at the start of the project to ascertain the exact steam requirements and needs for your particular product.

Our Gas and Oil fired boilers range from 0.5 tons to 5 tons and are fitted with EcoStar burners which are highly efficient. 

Water treatment division

Our Water Treatment Division offers customized treatment programs for all makes of heating and cooling systems of both open and closed types. Our chemicals are blended by our highly qualified staff under strict QC supervision according to industry recognised formulations.

To enable the boiler plant to operate free of scale and corrosion at all times we offer a water treatment plant with each boiler, this is serviced and backed by our water treatment division. Allmech is able to offer chemicals to ensure that your boiler and cooling tower plant remains clean and free of scale, corrosion, bacteria, and algae. In adding chemicals at the correct rate to the cooling towers or boiler plant efficiencies are maintained ensuring reduced operating costs.

We offer to maintain your existing water treatment equipment or supply new water treatment equipment for your boilers or cooling towers. We have a full range of chemical dosing pumps, bleed off systems, blow - down systems and softening plants as well as other equipment. Our technicians will service the equipment regularly on site and check that the chemicals supplied are correctly dosed to the plant ensuring that the water treatment is operating at its best.

We are the official agents for the Runxin multi-port manual and automatic control valves and import brine draw valves and fibre wound vessels, all manufactured to a high certified standard. These are then assembled into complete softeners, filters and demin plants for boiler and cooling system use.

Allmech also designs and manufactures chemical dosing and control equipment, with treatment programs and chemicals, in accordance with specifications for each application depending on water quality and the customer's system operating parameters. Our range of chemicals manufactured include oxygen scavengers, scale inhibitors and dispersants, corrosion inhibitors, broad spectrum micro biocides, bio dispersants and sterilizers.

Should you require further information please contact us.